Must Look | Again, Duterte proved that he is a master strategist for his move on ICC and EU

Jose Alejandrino of the Facebook Page the Hidden Truth, communicates his admirations for President Rodrigo Duterte, for he got abolished the majority of Europe’s abilities to control the Philippines.

“President Duterte is right in taking a firm stand when countries interfere in our internal affairs. We are no longer a colony but a sovereign nation,” Alejandrino said.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has no hang on the Philippines for Duterte gave the Philippines genuine freedom it. Their obstruction in the interior undertakings of the Philippines is in actuality uncalled for, yet what’s more terrible is liberals, leftists and human right’s activists are misusing this political impedance to join forces against the main head who’s brought genuine improvement since the season of Marcos.

The European Union (EU) who’s been stating conditions with the assistance that they give was by and large legitimately tossed somewhere around Duterte. Regardless of stunning a ton of people, the EU in the long run returned to give us with their aid, condition-free.

With intelligence on EU Parliaments support on the Liberal Party of the Philippines and the pressure that it imposes on the government, Duterte has proven himself not to be a slave to any colonist.

“The EU really has no cards to play against Duterte. It is beset by many social and economic problems,” Alejandrino pointed out.

With Britain preoccupied with the vast number of problems with the EU which was created by Brexit, France’s economic struggle, Greece’s bankruptcy, Poland and the Nordic countries assertion of independence from the EU due to disagreement on certain policies and the growing financial crisis due to illegal immigration, the EU is nothing more than being definitely FVCK3D.

Duterte was right when he said that the EU has no right to dictate how the Philippine should be solve its problems for the EU is facing a far more paramount number of unsolved problems.

The EU is probably desperate now that countries are pulling out of it. Being composed of industrial countries that need to sell in order to survive economically, the EU just suffered a blow after being denied by the Philippines, one of its markets. Japan, China and South Korea can fulfill the EU’s position as a market of the PH, Russia can provide the PH weaponry and loans are enthusiastically lent by China, Russia and Japan.

The Philippines and its partners are significantly stronger than this so called Union, who’s facing division, the EUROPEAN DIVISION.

Meanwhile the United Nations (UN) who’s closer to bankruptcy than it ever was still thinks it can pressure the Philippine President. Another act of European desperation, another act of humiliation that roots from Trump’s decision to reduce the funding of the UN under reports that it’s been to politicized.

And although the UN’s specialized agencies, namely the WHO, FAO, ICAO and UNESCO, are useful to the United States, Trump won’t hesitate to fully cut their funding if it also becomes politicized.

“Unesco, for example, should focus on education, science, culture and not be engaged in politics which is the preserve of the UN in New York,” Alejandrino argues.

So goodbye Europe, the Philippines doesn’t need you and your own arrogance is causing your economic crisis, your own self-entitlement is causing your downfall and the pedestal that your Union thinks it’s on is nothing but a thing of the past

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