A Veteran Journalist Expressed Full Support To Atty. Glenn Chong On The 2019 Mid-term Senatorial Election

Jose Alejandrino, a veteran writer and a Duterte adherent are vocal in his senatorial wagers on the forthcoming 2019 mid-term decision. As of now have 10, he is going to add another name to his rundown. The eleventh spot goes to Atty. Glenn Chong who is right now lamenting on the incident of his close-in aide from the hands of Cainta police.

The Bravery of Glenn Chong

Alejandrino trusts that the horrible passing of Richard Santillan is a rubout and a push to silence the election fraud informant. He is persuaded that the ambùsh done by the maverick cops is a request from narco-officers who are additionally associated with the election fraud in the 2016 presidential race. He stands firm on the way that Chong has hit a nerve on account of his exposè. Additionally, the columnist declares that the mûrd3r of Santillan is an affirmation that there truly is a huge election fraud occurring in the nation.

I Support Glenn Chong

The journalist expressed full support to Atty. Glenn Chong and his crusade to clean the electoral system of the country. He then believes in the sanctity and fundamentality of the ballot. He, as well pointed out that no one in the corrupt politicians who plundered the people’s money has gone to prison. Such an act has plundered the votes of the people through electoral fraud. The electoral protests aren’t being resolved by now which depicts mockery in the rule of law.

Where Are The Politicians, Mainstream Media, And The Do-gooders?

The Duterte follower came to find the politicians and the mainstream media in lieu of the mÙrd3r of Richard Santillan especially those he describes as who often “yak-yak” most of the time. On this fight, only Glenn Chong and netizens alone are airing their dismay. Such show of cowardice is what he believes as the problem in the country. He also came to find Chito Gascon, human right activists, and Leni Robredo who seems hiding under their bed by now or when the need of speaking out arises.

Admiring European People

Alejandrino took Europeans as an example of bravery when it comes to protesting against an established order. Those people go out and air their sentiments even if it means being gassed out and hit by batons. But in the Philippines, many plays the role of the coward and yak-yak.

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By Jose Alejandrino

In previous postings, I gave my list of 10 candidates whom I support for the 2019 Senate race. I left two slots open.

Glenn Chong is now my 11th candidate to get into the Magic Twelve.

The mvrder of his aide and bodyguard Richard Santillan I am convinced was a rubout by rogue cops acting on the orders of narco-generals who financed electoral fraud at the May 2016 elections. Glenn had touched a raw nerve by his expose. He was hitting too close to home. As I said before, if his expose had no basis, why would they want to eliminate or frighten him? Their brutal mvrder of his aide I saw as a mere confirmation of the massive electoral fraud which had occurred and which they wanted covered up.

I fully support Glenn Chong’s crusade to clean up our electoral system. The sanctity of the ballot to me is primordial. Corrupt politicians plundered our national treasury for which no-one has gone to jail. Voters were deprived of their votes by electoral fraud and electoral protest has not been resolved until now by PET making a total mockery of our democratic system. This dual plunder is at the heart of the ills in this country.

What surprises me is the total silence from politicians and mainstream media by which the mvrder of Richard Santillan was greeted. Only Glenn Chong and some brave netizens aired their disgust. It was as if everyone was paralyzed by fear. Again, it is a symptom of what is wrong in this country. Most talk but when it comes to doing something, they hide under the bed. Where are protests from the politicians and candidates running for office? Where are protests from Chito Gascon and human rights activists? Where are protests from so-called do-gooders like Leni Robredo and Risa Hontiveros who love to talk and talk? Their silence demonstrates their hypocrisy.

In Europe we are seeing people protesting against the established order. They are going out to the streets and battling police despite being teargassed and clubbed with batons. They are doing something more than talk to bring change. In this country all people do is yak-yak. Too many cowards. It is why the country won’t change and why it will perish come end times. We doomed ourselves by our own hypocrisy and cowardice. We are only good when it comes to beauty contests.

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