Atty. Trixie Cruz Ipinaliwanag kung bakit hindi s31f-d3f3ns3 ang ginawa ni Joaquin.

The mother of Ateneo’s middle school understudy who was gotten in a video physically and verbally assaulting a classmate has issued a conciliatory sentiment on Wednesday, saying that their family was ‘crushed’ by the said occurrence.

The social media went on fire after after the video spread online before the finish of 2018, which touched off insulted from netizens and compelled Ateneo de Manila University to reject the I3*11y understudy.

The understudy and his mom — whose faces were obscured on national TV — apologized for the occurrence.

What’s more, when requested his clarification, the Grade Nine understudy said that he just acted in self-protection yet also regretted what he did.

Be that as it may, the apology still drew f1r3 among the netizens and did not trust that it was ‘self-defense.’

In the mean time, legal advisor Trixie Cruz-Angeles likewise did not purchase the thinking of the young person and proceeded to clarify why it couldn’t be considered as self-defense.

On her Facebook post, Cruz-Angeles said:

Two weeks from the time Ateneo dismissed The I3*11y, eto na ang side nila, base sa interview na isinagawa ni Arnold Clavio. Boiled down to basics, ayon sa interview, kasalanan daw ng victim. Sya daw ang nauna. At self defense daw ito. Eto problema. Ang self defense po ay immediate. Meaning maaari mo lang sabihing dinidepensahan mo sarili mo at the time of the aggression. Kung tapos na ang aggression at saka ka nanapak, that is another act of aggression.

Para maging katanggap tanggap na self defense yan, kailangan ipakita ni I3*11y na nanapak sya dahil at the time, sinas4p4k sya.

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