Bakit nga ba hindi matanggal-tanggal ng Ateneo ang magkapatid na Montes? ‘Here’s why’

In the midst of the viral video of the |3ullying incident involving a junior high school student of Ateneo and their demand to the people to quit spreading the video, many are left asking why a renowned school would’ve enabled h4rassing to occur in their school since it was demonstrated this was not the first occasion when it occurred.

Turning The Blind Eye?

The h4rassing suspect, Joaquin Montes and his sibling are supposedly famous domineering jerks in Ateneo. His sibling was even professedly kicked out of San Beda for the plain same reason – tormenting. They are Taekwondo dark belters, which clarifies the motivation behind why they want to simply beat anybody.

The fact of the matter is, despite several complaints from their victims’ parents, Ateneo has not taken action on their |3ullying behaviors. The viral video was not the first time that Joaquin Montes showed deviant behavior, there were other complaints in the past, but Ateneo turned a blind eye and refused to expel these bullies.

Politics Involved?

According to a post shared by Z Blog on Facebook, one of the reasons that Ateneo can’t seem to take action on the matter is that the Montes is a well-connected family. They are said to be close friends of the Cojuangcos, to Peping Cojuangco to be specific.

We all know that the Cojuangcos are one of the biggest sponsors of the Ateneo sports program, and they would tend to lose a lot if Cojuangco would withdraw his support because they punished his friend’s son.

Stand Up Against |3ullying

Netizens were disappointed by the turtle-paced action that Ateneo seems to be doing regarding the |3ullying incident. They announced that they are investigating on the matter, but with the overwhelming evidence and the previous complaints, it should be a no-brainer that the bully Montes should be expelled in their school.

A netizen gave a piece of sound advice to the prestigious school, do what is right and stand up against |3ullying.

Read full post below of Z Blog:

“Joaquin Montes and his older brother are both Taekwondo black belters. They love to |3ully and pick on everyone in school. Despite multiple complaints from various parents these last 3 years against the Montes brothers, the Ateneo school authorities chose to look the other way. Because Montes are well-connected (to Peping Cojuangco) Ateneo refuses to expel the Montes brothers. In fact, Ateneo has been requesting Youtube to take down videos of Montes |3ullying other kids. His brother was kicked out of San Beda for |3ullying.” -Eric Cabahug/Richard

What a shame Ateneo de Manila University!!! 👎🏻 Don’t stand by, stand up! #Stop|3ullying

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