Bam Aquino on implementation of martial law in Mindanao: “Kailangan may mangyari munang aktwal na b4kbakan, hindi lang sk1rmishes,”

Representative Bam Aquino explain to the press why the third expansion of martial law in Mindanao may be illegal. Amid a snare talk with, Aquino truststhat there’s should be an actual fight happening in Mindanao before the legislature can actualize military law.

“Kailangan may mangyari munang aktwal na bakbakan, hindi lang skirmishes,” Aquino said. As indicated by him, the 1987 constitution made the conditions to execute military law stricter to abstain from being abused by future leaders.

“So babalik tayo sa depinisyon ng konstitusyon, babalik ka rin doon sa ano ang hangarin ng constitutional commission who created the constituition.” he said. “Ginawa talaga nilang mas strikto, nilagay nila yung ‘aktwal’ na salita para maging limitado talaga ang pag gamit ng martial law,” he added.

In spite of these clarifications, the restriction representatives which incorporates includes him failed to block the third extension of martial law subsequent to getting a mass help from both lower and upper house.

In his Twitter page, Aquino explained in a lengthy tweet why he wants the martial law in Mindanao to end.

According to him, the war in Marawi is already ended with a victory from the government, that’s why he believes that martial law should be removed now.

“Nagtagumpay na ang AFP sa gera ng Marawi laban sa Maute, kaya’t nararapat na tanggalin ang Martial law.” he said.

He believes that soldiers can do their job to secure the people even without martial law.

“Extraordinary Powers ang martial law, hindi ito pangkaraniwan o pang araw-araw. At kaya ng AFP na gawin ang kanilang trabaho kahit wala ito. Huwag dapat maging dependent sa martial law para gawin ang tungkulin at trabaho.”

Aquino also pointed out that if the priority of the government doesn’t need martial law to make it possible.

“Ang prayoridad na rehabilitasyon, good governance, long-term peace and order, development at pagtugis sa mga armadong elemento ay hindi nangangailangan ng martial law upang maipatupad. Kaya naman itong gawin dahil sa mandato ng AFP at sa natatamasang suporta mula sa gobyerno.” he said. Since martial law in Mindanao was implemented by President Duterte, Aquino is already one of the senators who opposed it.

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