BREAKING | Former Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares’ niece nabbed in a ill3g4l narc0tic buy-bust

Previous Bayan Muna Representative and now 2019 senatorial competitor Neri Colmenares’ alleged niece, Teri Marina Silva Colmenares, 22, has been grabbed in an anti-1llegal n4rc0tic activity held by the Cebu City police on December 15. As per the report of the police, a n4rcotic merchantthat they arrested pinpointed Colmenares as their source of high-grade party halluc1nogen and mar1juana.

The follow up operation by the experts in Escario Street, Barangay Kamputhaw prompted the capture of Colmenares; they found the niece of the senatorial applicant having a few packs of ill3gal narc0tics.

The narc0tics were veiled as fruit props to abstain from being gotten while conveying it to her customers. The suspect was read and informed of her constitutional rights before she was brought to the station for proper profiling and disposition and will be filed a case in court for Violation of RA 9165. The confiscated items have a street value of Php 90,000.00.

Colmenares was one of the candidates of the 2018 Binibining Cebu. According to the authorities, they started the operation when they got a complaint from a victim who got r*ped by a disc-jockey who forced her to use hallucinogen, and he informed them that Colmenares was her source. also confirmed that the suspect is the niece of Colmenares.

The authorities only found the real identity of Colmenares after they discovered that she’s using a fake identification card. Several netizens who are critical with the militant groups led by Colmenares started to criticize the senatorial candidate on his own Facebook page.

As of writing, Neri Colmenares is not yet releasing a statement following the arrest of his niece. Colmenares is one of the critics of Duterte’s w4r against ill3gal narc0tics, pointing out that many innocent people were victimized by the said operations. He also supported the case filed against President Duterte in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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