CPP Founding father reveals the brain behind the 1971 Plaza Miranda I3*mb1ng

One of the establishing fathers of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) uncovered the brains behind 1971 Plaza Miranda B*mb1ng that left nine losses and in excess of 90 h4rm3d.

As indicated by the narrative created by Sambayanan, Ruben Guevarra, one of the authors of the CPP uncovered that Joma Sison, the present executive of the said socialist gathering is the driving force behind the occurrence which amid that time faulted into the previous Marcos organization.

Guevarra said that Plaza Miranda B*mb1ng is just a single of the crusades of the CPP to topple the Marcos organization.

“Ang Plaza Miranda Bmb1ng ay bahagi lamang ng isang serye ng kampanya na ginawa ng CPP. Ito’y bahagi nung sinasabi naming Oplan Big Leap Forward (The Plaza Miranda Bmb1ng is only a part of a series of campaign done by the CPP. This is part of what we call Oplan Big Leap Forward),” recalled Guevarra, who was also then part of CPP’s Central Committee.

He said that noteworthy the names of individuals behind the Plaza Miranda B*mb1ng will get the most elevated type of discipline from the CPP.

Guevarra additionally uncovered that Danny Cordero, the man who planted the bomb in the Plaza Miranda demanded that he’s solitary after the requests of Joma Sison.

“Nung naipakita na namin yung umiral na yung revolutionary situation, may kakayahan na talaga na armado ang NPA na sumagupa, ipagkakaloob na samin ni Cho In Li yung tulong na pinansyal at armaments (When we were able to show a revolutionary situation, and that the NPA was ready to go against an armed battle, then-Chinese Premier Cho In Li would grant us financial help and armaments).” he said.

In the same documentary, Guevarra also said that they’re already tired of f1qht1ng with the government for almost five decades.

He urged the people not to believe the CPP propaganda anymore.

“Huwag na tayong patangay diyan sa sinasabi ng mga komunista, limampung taon na ito (Let us not be swayed by the words of the communists, it has been 50 years), my God,” Guevarra added.

Guevarra said the communist ideology is not the solution, as it destroyed Filipino values of being God-centered and family-oriented.

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