Duterte: “So I hope I have not offended anybody by my strong word or my joke. I cannot really…,”

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday safeguarded his brutal talk against his critics and communicated trust his beautiful dialect has not insulted anybody.

In a discourse in Dimasalang, Masbate, Duterte said he was “seeking after the breaking points of consideration” by assaulting the individuals who unfairly treated him.

“So I hope I have not offended anybody by my strong word or my joke. I cannot really…,” Duterte said.

“Parang sinadya ko ‘yan para pang-bastos. I am really pursuing the limit of civility kasi kampanya pa lang, binabastos na nila ako, eh.”

A few people and gatherings have been forced to bear Duterte’s abuse including the political restriction, the United States, the European Union, the International Criminal Court, a few individuals from the Catholic Church and human rights associations that dissented the killings because of his war on drgs.

He additionally as of late lashed out at the Commission on Audit aand quipped that state auditors ought to be k1dn4pp3d and t*rm3nt3d for getting in the way of governance because of their stringent protocols.

Different quarters had likewise criticized Duterte for his other questionable comments, including connecting ladies’ excellence to assault, requesting troops to sh*t female renegades in the vg1n4 and asserting he “contacted” his maid when he was a teenager.

Malacañang has repeatedly downplayed the President’s words as part of freedom of expression. The Palace also said Duterte is unmindful of “any consequential erosion of his public support” because of his controversial remarks.

“In fulfilling his constitutional duty to serve and to protect the people, the President endeavors to be creative, using means that may be unnerving to the conservatives unused to his ways of governance but effective in putting across message he wants to convey to the majority of the people who, surveys show, approves of his maverick methods,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said last week.

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