Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr : How about jailing public officials with mind of 9-year-old?

MANILA, Philippines — How about imprisoning adult elected public officials – with the mind of a nine-year-old – for pocketing a portion of their “pork”?

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. brought up this issue on Tuesday in the midst of discussions over a proposed law trying to bring down the base time of cr*m1nal risk from 15 to nine years of age.

The still unnumbered united House bill was rapidly and collectively endorsed by the House equity panel on Monday.

“Don’t you think a person in his 40s-50s but w/ the mind of a 9 year old & yet is elected to public office & entitled to pork barrel—40% of which he pockets—should go to jail?” Locsin posted on Twitter.

The country’s top diplomat earlier expressed opposition to holding children as young as nine years old cr1m1nally liable.

“Children can commit crm3s but lowering the age when they can be jailed at 9 will have pedophiles panting anxiously for the day they can call prison guards for take-out kids for sodomy. That is the only motivation for lowering the age of crm1nality to 9,” he tweeted last January 19.

The move to lower the age of cr*m1nal responsibility has divided public officials and earned condemnation by human rights groups.

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