Foreigner defends Catriona from mainstream media: “Most of the people that are coming after her never helped anybody in poverty”

Tom Kuegler additionally is known for his blogging nom de plume ‘Discovering Tom’ resisted the negative reports of prevailing press against Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. In the midst of the festival of the Philippines on the triumph of Gray, a few news source composed a report featuring the negative remarks on the Beauty queen’s memorable answer during the Q&A portion of Miss Universe.

The media posted a few remarks of the netizens criticized Gray for ‘romanticizing’ and ‘glorifying’ poverty.

The report of the media made Kuegler frustrated and condemned the general population who tried to put negativity in the middle of the celebration of the Filipinos.

He believed that Gray didn’t even mind to use poverty to gain an advantage in the competition, saying that the people who criticized her are the people who didn’t help any people in their lifetime.

“Most of the people that are coming after her probably have never helped anybody in poverty their life,” Kuegler said.

The American blogger who’s currently living in the Philippines also helped his followers to understand the answer of Gray properly. “How can you be romanticizing poverty when you literally say it’s poor and very sad,” he said.


Ally Farkas: So true, what she did was to answer the question truthfully and wholeheartedly. There was nothing wrong with that. And she was the only one who answered the question fully. She talked about how she could positively be able to help them if she become Miss Universe. All three contestants’ answers were about their own poverty, but only Philippines talked about how she can help if she become Miss Universe, and I reckon that’s how she stands out from the rest and won.

Maria Lailanie Somosa: The word romanticising means she intends to answer question just to please the audience and does not come from her heart…you feed this idea that she answers hypocricitely….well sorry to you all detractors…unfortunately she has a foundation helping children from her own pocket and dealing with these childrens needs by her own…it means she answers what she experience and what she already does many years ago..HELPING GENUINELY…

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