Former DILG Secretary Alunan III Discloses Father Of The Viral I3*11y Kid A Polic3 Sc4l4w4g, Involved In Dr*q-Related C4s3s

The I3*11yidng occurrence which has been continuing for quite a long time via web-based networking media has now gone further. Guardians of the supposed domineering j3rk kid are being viewed, their way of life and the notoriety at work being investigated.

Previous Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Rafael Alunan III as of late revealed a delicate issue in regards to the Montes father amid his meeting with radio program Radyo Pilipinas. He uncovered that the dad of the domineering jerk kid is a police scalawag, either a medication defender or a street pharmacist. Montes, Sr. was one of the police v1lla1ns sent to Mindanao holding managerial cases. The insight is from a dependable source inside the PNP.

Alunan investigated the situation when he got curious about who the I3*11y kid was and why such feel entitled to do whatever he wants inside the school premises. The interest drove him into more profound certainties. In any case, he suggests that the Montes father ought to be completely examined and kick out of the power.

Dr*q-Related Issue

In his post, he expressed his personal observation of the behavior of Joaquin based on the videos. He sees the kid as either Drqged or drunk on the particular instances. At this time, the Ateneo has a lot of explaining and cleaning inside their institution. The former secretary questions how the kid Montes was able to operate cr1m1nality being undetected by the officials. A screenshot post from an unknown source divulges that Montes is a Drq dealer and a protector inside the school premises. He then bu££ies those kids who do not abide and patronize his little business. If the post will be proven legitimate and genuine, things will get worse over time.

Alunan describes how Dr*qs greatly affects the life and every family in the society. And how the government, the society, and the school go hand in hand to defend the stability and lawfulness in the land.

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How deep is the Dr*q problem? This post provides a glimpse. If a top school in the country has this menace in its midst, how about all other educational institutions, private and public, all over the country?

I had an inkling that this I311y boy Joaquin Montes, the way he was talking and behaving in one of his videos, was either Drqged or drunk. This post, should it be validated to be genuine, confirms my gut feel, and worse. He is allegedly a pusher; and, like a common street mafiosi or apprentice terrorist, uses physical and psychological tactics to intimidate and conquer his targets.

Ateneo and all other schools all over the country, public and private, have a lot of explaining and housecleaning to do. How are these kids, like Montes, able to carry out their cr1m1nality undetected or unpunished? What absurd laws must be junked and weak laws that should be amended? Who must be charged for complicity? For command responsibility?

You and I, who belong to society-at-large, have children and grandchildren in school. They are vulnerable and exposed, at grave risk, when the school is negligent or in denial. The Drq menace threatens the stability, lawfulness and future of every Filipino family. We must take care of the addicts in our midst, and turn over the cr1m1nals (pushers and I311ies) to lawful authorities before they do more harm to society.

The Dr*q menace is a raging forest fire. It thrives when society is weak. The challenge is for all of us to firm up our backbones and fight back.

But government must do the same. It has yet to thoroughly clean house and reform the cr1m1nal justice system. Otherwise, the Dr*q synd1cates will continue enjoying doing business in their favorite playground in ASEAN, our country, that they easily control.

Both government and society, in a whole-of-nation approach, must team up to crush every element of the cr1m1nal syndicates preying on society, and create an environment in our homes and communities that will not tolerate, host nor harbor illegal Dr*qs.

We must start now, today. Who else will stand up and fight for the wellbeing of the Filipino family if not us, the heads of families, communities, companies and institutions? We can no longer afford to be a nation of see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, do nothing. We can no longer afford to be a nation of weaklings. We must act decisively to win back our future.

Magkaisa! Kayang kaya pag sama-sama!

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