Former NPA leader inspiring message to College students: “May Presidente tayo nagtatrabaho who have a f0ul mouth, kahit mag-mur4 kita mo naman may gawa.”

The contention between the government and the r3bels has for quite some time been occupied. A very long while have gone since the agitators have yelled out their complaints to the government and lived in the mountains, a long way from urban.

Numerous Filipinos have joined r3bellion and lost lives yet at the same time have no justice. A large number of them have additionally made due from tranquil networks. Evil and violent, that is the principal words that come into our brains at whatever point we hear “revolt.” And the news that goes out to the prevailing press makes it workable for these liberal gatherings to ridicule them and to sow dread.

Many have been recruited by the New People’s Army (NPA). Some have grown old and have chosen to leave and live quietly. And others, choose to share how the life of being a r3bel and surrender themselves to the government to become a civilian once again and tell stories what are they fighting for. Just like an inspiring story of Ka Tina who is one of the leaders who are recruiting people to join the ranks of the NPA and now a civilian.

Inspiring speech of Ka Tina to students

In a speaking engagement by Ka Tina in front of many students, she shared her life since she became a member and a leader of NPA and until her release from the group. Ka Tina said she regrets joining the r3bels along with warning that it will leave its place.

She also revealed to the youth the tactics used by the leftists to which emotions they use to persuade people. She added that the group does not want people to think, but only those who follow it.

In the middle of his speech, the former r3bel said,

“May Presidente tayong nagta-trabaho, inaaway pa natin. I would rather have a President who have a f0ul mouth. Kahit mag-mura siya minu-minuto, oras-oras. Kita mo naman nagtratrabaho eh. Kahit sampung milyong Duterte ang ilagay mo diyan, kung kayo mismo hindi nag-aaral ng matino, sama kayo ng sama sa grupo, tandaan ninyo ang unang hakbang patungong sa kabundukan ay ang iapak ang inyong paa sa lansangan, sumama sa malawak at sistematikong pagkilos sa lansangan.”

Ka Tina is not a known supporter of Duterte, but as a former r3bel she is aware on how a president should be since she joined the group because she is not happy with the government.

Ka Tina also mentioned that one of the activities of the r3bel group was to destroy infrastructures.

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