International trade expert gives Hilbay a lesson on SC Justice seniority

In the midst of the ongoing arrangement of Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin as the 25th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, senatorial hopeful Florin Hilbay from the Oposisyon Koalisyon (OK) scrutinized the president’s decision and inquired as to why he didn’t pick dependent on position as what he onced guaranteed.

“The end result for position?”, this was the inquiry by senatorial confident and previous SolGen Florin Hilbay after Bersamin was picked as the new SC boss equity. Hilbay expressed that if rank would be pursued, it ought to be equity Carpio who should’ve been delegated as the new Chief Magistrate.

The Answer To The Question

In a post she shared on Facebook, blogger and International Trade master MJ Quiambao Reyes chose to answer Hilbay’s inquiry. She exposed that tragically that Hilbay already blocked her in Facebook, she would’ve sent him a direct message to school him about seniority.

Reyes said that basing on the judicial career of the two associate justices, AS Lucas Bersamin was more senior. Bersamin has been with the judiciary for 32 years, starting from 1986 when he was appointed as judge for the Quezon City RTC and eventually as Associate judge in 2009. Carpio on the other hand was appointed Associate Justice in 2001 coming from private practice.

Carpio Doesn’t Like The Position

MJ Quiambao Reyes also bared that Duterte might have thought that Carpio doesn’t want the position since he declined his previous nomination back in July. His turning down of the nomination might have affected the president’s decision to choose Bersamin instead of Carpio.


Lastly, Reyes returned the question to Hilbay, asking him why he was crying foul on the appointment of Bersamin yet he was so quiet when former president Noynoy Aquino appointed a very junior Sereno over more senior justices.

Read full post below:

“WHAT HAPPENED TO SENIORITY?” Hilbay asked Duterte.

A lawyer & a senatorial aspirant should be the last to ask such stupid question. Too bad, he already blocked me on Twitter. I should have helped him understand better by asking him the ff:

1. As far as judicial career is concerned, Bersamin is more senior. Bersamin was appointed as RTC Judge as early as 1986 and eventually as SC Associate Justice in 2009. Carpio was appointed in 2001 coming from private practice. So, how do you define seniority?

2. More importantly, much as I like Justice Carpio, but was it not Justice Carpio himself who already stated that he does not want the CJ post?

3. Why did you not make an issue on seniority when BS Aquino appointed from nowhere a very junior Sereno?

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