Jay Sonza: “What is Going On in The Philippines?”

Veteran columnist, supporter and previous TV host, Mr. Jay Sonza, by and by stood firm to web based life and demonstrated the netizens how he is amazed by every one of the things that are going on in the nation at this moment.

On his most recent Facebook post, Sonza distinguished the rundown of the nations around the globe that are intentionally stretching out their monetary help to help President Duterte’s administration address the necessities of the Filipinos.

The veteran writer at that point said that every one of those money related guides from different nations are extremely overpowering since to the extent he reviews, it is really the first occasion when this occurred in Philippine history.

Sonza additionally hilariously said that on the off chance that this is only a fantasy, he wouldn’t have any desire to wake up any longer.

He then ended his post by saying that all those good things that are happening now in the country are all real and that is all because of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

“what is going on in the Philippines?

a. Japan nagbigay ng panibagong tulong pananalapi b. Australia nagbigay ng panibagong tulong pananalapi
c. China nagbigay ng panibagong tulong pananalapi d. Europe nagbigay ng tulong pananalapi ng wala ng kundisyon
e. Italy nagbigay ng tulong pananalapi

They are giving so much money to help the present administration address the need of the Filipinos.

Aduna tingali silay nakit-an niining atong president nga grabe ug baba sa pamalikas, ginganlan ug diktador ug gipakasad-an ug pagpatay sa kapid-an ka mga tao. Sa totoo lang, ngayon ko lang nakita ito sa buhay ng ating bansa simula ng ako ay magkamalay.

Kung panaginip lang ito, ayaw ko ng magising muna.


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