Mindanaoan on Martial Law: Kaming mga taga-Mindanao suportado, kayong mga taga-Luzon puro drama

One good thing about Filipinos is that despite the trouble hounding our country, despite everything we discover humor in it. A netizen living in Mindanao, posted an entertaining tweet about the Martial Law in their district. Thinking Pinoy named it as the Tweet of the Year.

witterverse’ Tweet Of The Year

In the midst of the discussion going ahead between the restriction congresspersons (Franklin “the sleeping Giant” Drilon et.al) and the AFP in regards to the proposed expansion of the Martial Law in Mindanao, a netizen conveyed a tweet that should by one way or another put to rest the continuous object about the issue.

RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy called it the Tweet of the Year. It is straight, brutally frank, and downright funny. It was sent by netizen Cheeny Kee on Twitter.

“Kaming taga-Mindanao, suportado ang Martial Law. Kayong taga-Luzon adami nyong drama, mas apektado pa kayo.
Baliktarin kaya natin? Lipat namin sa inyo AbuSayaff, MILF, BIFF, MNLF, ISIS, MAUTE, NPA, atbp. Tapos kami magrarally lang kunwari we care…?”

Funny And True

The tweet may seem like a joke, but it carries a lot of truth in it. The so-called concerned politicians here in Manila seem to be pre-occupied by the debate that they never even thought of asking the opinions of the people who will be directly affected by the issue, the Mindanaoans.

The opposition are doing everything just to prevent the extension of the Martial Law. Not because they care for the people of Mindanao, they are doing so just for the sake of opposing, just for them to taste a moral victory against the Duterte administration.

Not Luzon, Yellows Only

The netizens reacted to the tweet by defending themselves, they said that many people here in Luzon approve of the extension of ML in Mindanao, it is only the yellows that are against it. A netizen even said that we should understand the plight of the poor yellows, their minds are already affected with jaundice.

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