MUST LOOK: Meet the actor who portrays Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in ‘BATO the movie’

Fans of previous Philippine National Police (PNP) boss Director General and now Senatorial applicant Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa are as of now eager to watch the film which dependent on his biography. Robin Padilla, who depicted Gen. Bato in the motion picture titled “BATO” shared some photographs of him with the performing artist who goes about as Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

The generation group picked the veteran on-screen character Efren Reyes to portray Duterte when Dela Rosa was as yet moderately aged police.

It appears that Reyes truly tried to mimic the looks of President Duterte amid his more youthful days, wearing a coat and furthermore impersonating his hands in pocket signal.

Efren Reyes was first appeared amid the trailer posted by Padilla in his web-based social networking accounts.

In the trailer, it demonstrated Padilla and Reyes inside a church, some guessing that the scene would demonstrate the cozy connection among Bato and Duterte

In a meeting, Reyes said that he consulted Padilla who knows the Duterte by and by about the developments and looks of the President so he will avoid any mistake in portraying the former Davao City Mayor.

“Ang nahihirapan lang ako is yung magsalita ng bisaya, buti nalang may kasama kasi sa set na taga Davao, yung intonation, yung how you say it… atleast nai-correct ako,” Reyes said.

He learned during his role how Duterte became a father figure to Dela Rosa during the early days.

Reyes expressed his admiration to Duterte, saying that Duterte is consistent in handling the country as President, however, he also complained about the people who always opposed the agendas of the chief executive.

He said that he also experienced being opposed by several people, saying that he cannot push his plans because of the critics who wanted to block his agendas.

“May gusto kang gawing panukala tapos yung mga kasama mo nakontra sayo, hindi mo maipapatupad, so ang hirap kapag may mga oposisyon na maingay masyado na kumokontra, mahirap ang progreso,” he said.

“Ang hirap ng progreso ng bayan, kapag masyado tayong naghihilahan pababa, kapag masyado tayong nagsisiraan, tigilan na po sana natin,” he added.

Reyes also urged the President to continue what he’s doing, including his f1ght against crm1n4lity and drqs.

According to him, even the showbiz industry was already affected by the illegal drvg problem.

“BATO” the movie will be shown on cinemas nationwide starting January 30, 2019.

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