Parents of ‘v1ctlm’ kid in Ateneo I3*11ying 1nc*dent issues statement: ‘Our son showed strong moral foundation’

a few days after the 1nc1dent, the guardians of the v1ctlm in an I3*11ying 1nc1dent in Ateneo have at last issued an announcement. The understudy indicated solid good establishment when he saved his sense of pride as opposed to f1ght back at his fellow student, his folks said on Monday.

“Our son, without his doing, became the poster child for a I3*11ied boy. But rather than remembering him as a v1ctlm, we would want you to see him as a young man of good moral foundation.” the statement reads

“We want you to see that he is not a loser and that he does not deserve to be pitied; rather, he should be exalted for his sense of dignity and justice beyond his years,” it added

The guardians focused on that their child would have been exposed to a more crvel treatment had he picked ‘pride’ over ‘bugbog’.

“Thus, our son chose his true sense of dignity – choosing instead to be subjected to physical 4ss4ult rather than surrender his self-respect. And that is what we are f1ghting for. Our dignity,” the parents said.

In the said viral video, if ‘dignity’ will be chosen, the I3*11y would have the v1ctlm kneel and kiss his shoes and private parts.

The parents said that they felt outraged when they saw the video, but had to remain silent to ensure their son’s protection as they help him heal from the 1nc1dent.

“He did not do anything to deserve this kind of treatment from his classmates. But, despite what happened, we will not let this 1nc1dent damage our son – he will heal from this, and we will ensure that he will grow up with his morality and values intact,” their statement said

They also called on thev1ctlm of I3*11ying to stand up in keeping their dignity intact and to believe that there will always be justice.

“Let every I3*11y know that there is a God who favors the humble and the weak,” they said

“With this I say to all the children who had been I3*11ied, and to all the parents whose child had been pushed against the wall, ‘never give up!’ Let your voices be heard. Let us not give up the very essence of our being. Our dignity,” the statement added

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