Philippine Catholic Church of Greed, Manipulation and Hypocrites

The title goes as it is implied. This is neither a joke nor is this a coordinated feedback against the Philippine Catholic Church, it is yet rather an arrangement of actualities described with the end goal to make an extent of reality that this Church has made.

The Philippine Catholic Church of Greed

In spite of all its recency, we know beyond all doubt that the church judges you based on your donations. It is an open mystery that with the correct value, anything can be purchased, unfortunately this incorporates confidence. It isn’t something that should be ashamed of for this act is due to the need to survive.

The Philippines is a developing country and if there is anything that it dearly needs, it is the money to actually become developed. But the Catholic Church is known to deny this fact while having their hands open for donations while their people are ready to serve the highest bidder first. Apparently the richer you are, the more prayers you get from the holy ones and the closer you get to a ticket to heaven. But you know what, the church denounces such earthly riches, one must be spiritually rich not monetarily, so what must one do? One must give to the church that allegedly distributes to the poor.

Father Jose C. Galoy of the Santuario d San Antonio Church in Forbes Park, Makati indulges in this ideology. He indulges in it so much that he has demanded every wedding florist, musician, photographer and videographer to ‘donate’ an annual accreditation fee of at least Php. 30,000. Wedding suppliers and coordinators, on the other hand, must ‘donate’ Php. 50,000 every year. Not including the post of a cash bond of Php. 20,000 for every wedding.

What a load of bull. Since this isn’t the only source of revenue of the church, there is also the baptisms, confirmations and the wakes of the famous and rich to include. And the cherry on top of this mountain of greed is its tax-free revenue spree. It is the Philippine Law apparently.

No wonder the poor who were supposed to be welcome at any catholic church are so intimidated. For in their eyes, if your monthly salary doesn’t stand next to the Forbes Park’s average church devotee’s monthly salary then you aren’t as welcome as they are. Well at least leaving the church is free!

But what bothers most critics of the Catholic Church is the fact that priests of churches in many highly urbanized environments like Metro Manila, roam around the city, in their luxury vehicles that’s tailed by their armed security vehicles that brings them back home, to their well-built, high-rise, air-conditioned churches.

Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of vow of poverty and humility, if not, then shouldn’t they?

The Philippine Catholic Church of Manipulation

There used to be a separation between the State and the Church, mandated by the Philippine Law during the American Colonial Period. A time where the church and its nuns opted to run their money-making schools for the prosperous.

But this separation started to exist no more when in 1971, Father Pacifico Ortiz won a seat in the 1971 Constitutional Convention. But this was only a soft victory for the church since former President Ferdinand Marcos’ Martial Law demoted him to the sidelines of the government.

But the Archbishop of Manila at the time was apparently smarter. Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin juggled the government and the opposition, President Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Sr. and Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Simeon Aquino Jr. by switching sides whenever it is convenient, whenever the media goes, whatever he is “spiritually” blown to. His transcended soul apparently was also one that moves both the Marcoses and the Aquinos, but this all came to an end during the Martial Law. He lost all influence and manipulation on the President which opted him to go to more extreme measures. To side singly on the Aquinos and create anti-government propaganda through the Catholic Radio Station Veritas and their tabloid publication called the same thing. If you cannot manipulate the head, why not manipulate the body?

But their most well thought of, under-the-radar propaganda was their “pastoral letters” that provided the public with government-opposing manifestos that was forcefully fed in the ears of the Catholic devotees in every mass, nationwide. Who would suspect evil from such holy letters anyway?

Then when the EDSA revolution came, the church became Corazon Cojuanco Aquino’s pedestal in winning the seat of Presidency. This gave Sin the power to control Aquino with his holiest of the holiest guidance.

Sin succeeding to in creating close ties with Aquino then opted to manipulate the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) which will serve him well in the future.

Now with his holy influence, he was even able to get a nun appointed to the 1986 Constitutional Convention.

In the 1992 presidential election, Sin opted to support the Speaker of the House Ramon Mitra Jr. due to his catholic religion and not Fidel Ramos for he was a Protestant. If this was the basis for the government’s future, religion, we’d all be damned. Soon after the elections, with Ramos winning, he publicly announced that he voted for Ramos behind Mitra’s back, a clear act of betrayal. Doesn’t this make Sin was more of a Judas character? Well no, because Judas regretted betraying Jesus, Sin did not and opted to actually use his vote as leverage in criticizing Ramos, stating that he has every right for he voted for Ramos.

Armida Siguon-Reyna the MTRCB chief during the time of former President Joseph Estrada issued a 5-year permit that allows the public exhibition of a sexually graphic motion picture. Fast forward into the future a little bit, during the time of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, this permit made the then MTRCB chief, who was under the influence of Sin, Nicanor Tiongson’s reputation tainted. Sin publicly and wrongly condemned Tiongson for allowing such lewdness to be publicized, but Tiongson had no power since the law dictates that unless the film was altered then it is completely legal. Sadly, due to being disgusted towards Sin, Tiongson resigned as chief of the MTRCB.

Only death apparently stopped Sin from continuously manipulating people, but his legacy lives on as the Catholic Church’s views are all but in one perspective, their perspective. If it doesn’t follow their view then it isn’t a view at all, it’s an incarnation of the devil that’s meant to destroy their following.

The Philippine Catholic Church of Hypocrites

“Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive who trespass against us”

The church clearly states this line in every mass, the fact that we should forgive those who sin upon us yet has the church been the same? When a Manila tourist guide brought a placard that says “Padre Damaso” in an Intramuros church, which offended the clergy. Did the church forgive this man for what he did?

No. They filed a criminal case against the man. First of all it isn’t blasphemy, “Padre Damaso” is part of our culture for he’s in the Noli me Tangere novel of Jose Rizal. Second this can’t be considered libel for there wasn’t any direct insult to the church, the placard didn’t say that any priest was like “Padre Damaso” and lastly despite stating that they forgave the man, the criminal case still goes on with the People of the Philippines front-lining the charges against the man. And who else would this people be but those manipulated by the church.

The point here is that the church stated to forgive those who sin upon us, but they didn’t. The church only publicly appeared to do so in order to avoid controversy yet their fury against a man that brought that placard still lives on in secret.

Other examples would be stating “love thy neighbor” when they clearly hate all other religions. Or the commandment that states “thou shall not steal” but their politicized order is corrupted from the very core, with parishes setting money aside from the donations and payments.

They state that the church helps the poor when in reality the church takes from the thousands of poor Filipinos by asking for small amounts donations in return for a couple of comforting words of gratitude and value. These donations on the other hand, when accumulated will amounts to millions!

A small price to pay indeed, but a small price that could’ve been used for something else other than funding the Judgmental Church of Self-Righteousness, who see all as corrupted and themselves as pure.


What has the church truly have done for the Philippines rather than provide the people with a reason to feel ashamed of themselves? For not donating, for not praying properly, for not following what a priest says that they may despite the request being too much to bear. Ever since, the Catholic Church has lead a path of corruption and death, you don’t even need to search too much, the history books proves it all true.

It seems like the man with the “Padre Damaso” placard was implying some kind of message, that today’s priests are exactly like the Spanish friars that the Filipinos despised so much for their greed, manipulation and hypocrisy.

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