Radio commentator says UP’s loss in UAAP Game 1 Finals because of “Malas sa Gilid” yellows

College of the Philippines battled nobly against Ateneo in their UAAP Game 1 Finals yesterday, yet unfortunately lost steam at the stretch and lost 79-88. A netizen took to web based life and hit the yellows for riding on UP’s prevalence to propel their own plan.

Misfortune: In a post he shared on Facebook, netizen Mark Lopez faulted the resistance government officials of going to the field not to cheer for their place of graduation, but rather to do legislative issues. They went to the diversion not for the love of the school but rather to propel their own plan.

Florin Hilbay was seen holding a placard sayin “Atin To”, which is UP’s battlecry this season, however, under the phrase “Atin To”, was the phrase “Tulad ng West Phil. Sea”, which is a jab on Duterte’s diplomatic ties with China. It clearly ruins the spirit of the game when someone puts politics in it.

Franklin Drilon was also seen posing in the arena, wearing a black shirt in the sea of purple, as if wanting to stand out. Agot Isidro was also present, even though we all know that she was never a fan of basketball.

Bad Vibes

Lopez argued that the UP Fighting Maroons lost their fighting spirit because they were distracted by these attention hungry politicians. Instead of focusing on the game and cheering the Maroons, these Yellows took the chance as a “photo op”, and an opportunity to identify themselves with the popular school which can translate into a lot of votes come election time.

Furthermore, the mentioned politicians and senatorial hopefuls went out of their way to be really seen. Lopez accused them of being attention-hungry and spotlight-huggers. They clearly went to the game with a different purpose, and it’s not about cheering their school to victory.

Supporting your alma mater is always welcome. Just make sure you leave all your agenda at home and come to the game to cheer, and support your school, not to do politics and be seen.

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MALAS SA GILID Alam nyo bakit kayo natalo? May kumontra from within. Hindi kasi naka focus ang alumni nyo eh… Iba ang agenda, at ginagamit lang ang Maroons para sumakay sa popularidad ngayon ng inyong basketball team

Wala sa hulog. Epal na epal. Kaya ang sama ng vibes. Nasira yung fighting spirit kasi may distraction. Wala yung unity of purpose. Ika nga eh dapat walang “I” sa “team” pero ang katulad nitong 3 ito eh pasikat at papansin. Talagang lumihis sa aspiration at may ibang statement na gustong iparating.

Nagpunta hindi para mag cheer kundi para mamulitika…I-ban nyo yang mga yan sa next game.

Panira. (CTTO)

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