SA WAKAS! Taekwondo Association naglabas na nang Statement patungkol sa pambu-I3u11y ni Joaquin Montes!

a day after the video of Joaquin Montes t0rm3nting another students circulated around the web and was determinedly shared and reshared by individuals via social media, it appears that the people isn’t enthused about forgetting what he has done.

MARTIAL ARTS: Everybody realizes that rehearsing combative techniques isn’t tied in with harming other individuals.But the information that Montes was a Taekwondo practitioner and is obviously using his talent to hvrt and I3ully people.

Along these lines, the Philippine Taekwondo Association has discharged their announcement in regards to the I3ully1ng incid3nt.

The PTA Cond3mns: In the announcement, the PTA communicated that they denounce the h4r4ssing that one of their individuals have done.

“We, the Philippine Taekwondo Association, condemns any form of misbehavior which includes harassment, bu!!ying, and acts of violence. This is not what Taekwondo instills to its practitioners and is a serious matter that we as an association stand against,”

The letter was signed by PTA Vice President Danilo J. Mojica.

Modesty and Respect: Also according to the statement, practitioners of taekwondo are taught about modesty since their first day of training. One of the goals of the association is to teach all their members respect. Self-respect and respect to other people.

“Modesty is one of the five tenets of Taekwondo that is being taught to all Taekwondo practitioners from the first day of training. Our association reiterates its objective to teach all Taekwondo practitioners self-respect and respect for others.”

Expulsion: Yesterday, a statement was also released regarding the matter, this time from Ateneo itself. However, the people didn’t like what it said that it is pleading the public not to share the video anymore.

Earlier today, the school has released another statement saying that they are considering the expulsion of Joaquin Montes because of his wrong doings. This is after they have been labels as protectors of rich students.

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