Senators Pangilinan And Binay Appeal To Public: “Stop I3u11ying The I3u11y”

he I3u11 got I3u11ied: This expression rang valid after Ateneo student Joaquin Montes was found h4r4ssing another understudy inside their bathroom in school. Montes was heard inquiring as to whether he needs to be 4mbvsh3d or he needs to save his nobility. Following, Montes began 4ss@ulting the child until the point when the child went out with blood all over.

Then all hell broke loose

After the video was posted via web-based social media, netizens all over shared and duplicated the video. Everybody communicated their 0utr4ge coordinated to the h4r4sser. Nearly everybody is testing him, saying stuff regarding his tallness, appearance, and plain offending him. At a certain point it even went too far that individuals are scrounging through his photographs and posting it so they can express their res3ntm3nt at him.

However, some do not approve of these behaviors. Because when you say mean stuff and you degrade the I3u11y, doesn’t that make you a I3u11y too?

Senators’ plea

At least two senators have already said their piece about the issue. This Friday, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan expressed his appeal on Twitter. He asked what the difference is between the I3u11y and those who I3u11y him because of their anger.

“Galit tayo sa isang I3u11y at dapat lang pero sa galit natin ‘binuI3u11y’ naman natin siya sa Facebook? So kung ganun ano ang pinagkaiba natin sa kanya?”

“We should never, never become the monster we seek to defeat,” he added.

Another senator who expressed her thoughts is Senator Nancy Binay. She said that I3u11ying will continue if everyone behaves like a I3u11y.

“We must condemn all forms of I3u11ying. But what’s bothersome, though, is the vicious cycle of I3u11ying,”

“I3u11ying does not end by I3u11ying the I3u11y. It only worsens the culture of hate,”

“Nakakalungkot lang dahil ang social media has become infected by hatred,” she said. “Instead of being an instrument of healing, it has become a place of t0rm3nt.”

“Shaming the I3u11y is not the solution. Let’s strive to heal even the t0rm3ntors, and work for a I3u11y-free society,”

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