UK’s Geopolitical expert explains how Duterte made the PH the best country to invest in

It might appear fake news, yet US news destinations have positioned the Philippines as the best nation for businesspeople to put invest into, all dependent on the World Bank Group report. The said association bases the capability of a nation to be put invested into dependent on its population, Gross Domestic Product and Gross Domestic Product Growth. Other neighboring nations rank near the Philippines, with Singapore procuring the fifth spot, Malaysia the fourth and Indonesia took the second. Be that as it may, unmistakably the Philippines’ new exchange accomplices have assumed a major job into this measurement and there is nobody other to thank the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

How did Duterte do it?

Adam Garrie, a political examiner of the United Kingdom, illuminates inquisitive personalities by posting a number of reasons how:

  1. Duterte made a clean foundation. – Where he cleansed his home town of the filth called corruption and indiscipline.
  2. He founded a project called “Build, Build, Build!” – Which in the near future would serve as infrastructure for business men and women across the globe and as a reason for Overseas Filipinos to stay, for it will provide thousands of jobs,
  3. He befriended and partnered up with neighboring countries. – This is what a lot of western countries praise him for, Duterte despite appearing temperamental and hot-headed, managed to make peace and create new partnerships of mutual benefit.
  4. Tax Reform –Duterte found a way to help the low-wage Filipinos increase the money they bring to their families by lifting the monthly taxes that gets deduced every month.

Duterte is another example of that proves the “Great Man Theory”, where a gifted individual changes the course of history through both cunningness and smarts. And Duterte has proven himself exemplary at both.

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