UP lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles To Mar Roxas: “People d*13d for your political ambitions. I hope you lose.”

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles who is known to talk about politics and the laws that applied to them slams senatorial candidate Mar Roxas big time.

The prominent lawyer fearlessly called out Mar Roxas’ incompetence during the Yolanda typhoon that resulted in thousands of d34th.

Flashback: On November 2013, what could be the most damaging typhoon hit the Philippines, mainly on its south end. The president during that time is former president Noynoy Aquino. Aquino then appointed DILG who is headed by Mar Roxas as the main agency for relief and rescue.

However, instead of rescuing those who were trapped and in need of immediate help, thousands d*1 as delays of the rescue were experienced.

According to Atty. Trixie’s allegation to Mar Roxas, the latter chose to see the people as possible “votes” instead of looking for a way to help them sooner.

Delay and incompetence

He insisted to use air transport and make the Tacloban airport the center for the cleaning operations and the help center. What he did not make use of is the Navy. Atty. Trixie emphasized that Roxas’ knowledge about these things are limited.

He did now know that there are water vessels that are on standby that are only waiting for signals to reach those who are in need.

Instead, Roxas insisted on scouring the land and getting stuck on his desired route.

People d*13D

Atty. Trixie also recounted that DILG was appointed to let Roxas have a platform to prove his worth and solidify his win on the next presidential elections.

However, because of that, the Atty. called Roxas for concentrating too much on the political side of the situation. He allegedly merely saw the situation as a way to campaign for himself.

Because of that, thousands of people d13d. While they were waiting for rescue, they d13d while Roxas paved his way for his political ambition.

The prominent lawyer also added how she wishes that Roxas loses as a senator, which her followers also agreed to.

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Mar Roxas, pinagusapan mo na rin lang na kailangan i-clear yung mga kalye after Yolanda. What you did not mention in your interview is you insisted on air transport and using the airport as a center to beginning clearing ops. Kulang kasi ang kaalaman mo kaya di mo naapreciate yung sea forces. Ilang barko ng Navy ang naka standby to bring in heavy equipment for clearing and military personnel to do rescues and relief ops for those needing immediate assistance.

But of course di mo babanggitin yon. You aren’t trained to think of that. That is what the NDRCC was supposed to do. Pero ang mga iyon ay military at hindi ka pwedeng bumida dun. Yan ang dahilan kung bakit on the eve of Yolanda, itinalaga ang DILG as the lead agency for relief and rescue. Itinalaga ka ni Noynoy para may platform ka magpaka hero in preparation sa pagtakbo mo for the presidency.

At dahil sa incompetence mo, peOple d13d WAITING for rescue. People d13d for your political ambitions. People d13d because you took on a job for which you had no training or competence. People d13D because you did not know how to rescue them but you could only see them for what votes they could bring.

I hope you lose.

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